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"Acupuncture is an amazing experience. It feels as if everything falls back in place." (DN, IT consultant)

***** I have suffered with monthly severe stomach cramps from the age of 12, I have tried every possible avenue to relieve the pain and symptoms which was interfering with my work and personal life. Acupuncture was a last resort for me and I did not expect results. Shelley has completely transformed my life, she is a lovely lady, very professional and has cured my stomach pains and symptoms. I have no other way to describe her than a miracle worker! (Google reviews)

"My knee pains are gone. I wish I discovered acupuncture 6 years ago." (JG, art teacher)

"My energy levels are back to normal. It is good to get back to work." (ND, electrical engineer, suffered from ME)

"I have resorted to acupuncture and herbs as my period pains became so severe that I had to take a high dose of pain killers. It took 2 months for the pain to gradually improve. I still feel some pain but it is nothing like the pain I had before and I do not need pain killers anymore." (SD, mother to 2)

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